Jane Burns Portrait

Jane Burns is a shamanic practitioner and teacher who lives and works in Southbury, CT. Her reiki and shamanic practice are inspired and shaped by Celtic myth and lore. She is currently at work on two new books: a novel, The Hungry Sea, and a shamanic guide to emotional recovery entitled A Year and a Day: The Celtic Hero’s Journey Through Trial. Her website is: www.journeystothesoul.com.

“I have been writing since I was a child. My shamanic practice developed much later, when I was in my 40’s. At first I found the two interests to be at odds with one another. It seemed I had to sacrifice creative expression in order to be spiritually disciplined and vice versa. Now, I find that they are very similar and complementary of each other. Writing a novel is actually quite like being on a shamanic journey. In both cases, I endeavor to be the “hollow bone.” As a shaman, I often find I am transformed by the stories of those I journey for. As a writer, I am changed by the story as it unfolds on the page. I am not telling the story—I’m the first one who gets to hear it.”
–Jane Burns