She Drums the World3Judith Bird’s artwork reflects a harmonious expression of both nature and imagination, inspired by dreams, meditations and whisperings from Spirit. Her passion is creating images that bring love, healing, and inspiration to the viewer. Working primarily with water based paints and her own hand printed papers for collage, she paints allowing vivid colors and imagery to flow naturally, forming beautifully expressive artwork.

Judith is a Professional Artist, Energy Healing Practitioner and Expressive Arts Educator. She has a business in Decorative Arts creating murals and wall designs, as well as fine art and illustrations by commission. Her website is:

“In creating the cover artwork for Up A Tree, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Jane Burns, visually interpreting her descriptions of shamanic journeys, symbolism and images from the story. We wanted something that would reflect the beauty, mystery, power and transformative quality of the shamanic experience.”